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10 prayers for a new school year

The back-to-school season has begun, with students, teachers, and support staff preparing for a new year of learning. Here are 10 things we can pray as a new school year begins.

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How to pray when you’re too overwhelmed to pray

Sometimes praying is easy. We have specific things in mind, know just what to ask, and the prayer comes straight from our heart with no problem. But sometimes we don’t know what to pray. The situation might be so complicated or scary that we don’t know how to put our feelings into words or where… Continue reading How to pray when you’re too overwhelmed to pray

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Praying for Baby Annabelle

In case you haven't noticed lately, us girls are wired differently from those guys in our lives. 🙂 And, although I'm not trying to say they never feel upset when they read about something terrible, I think my Mama's heart is what keeps this story circling through my mind. I'm involved with several online writing… Continue reading Praying for Baby Annabelle