Folding the Flag: How It Honors Our History

Today is President’s Day, and I’m forever grateful to our Founding Fathers who made it possible for us to live in America today. But I’m also forever grateful to our military men and women – and their families – and the sacrifices they all make to keep us free. I got a fresh reminder ofContinue reading “Folding the Flag: How It Honors Our History”

Review: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

I read a lot of books, but don’t always take the time to tell people about them. I’m hoping to change that this year by getting back in the habit of posting reviews of stories I really enjoy. Who knows? You might find a new author to check out. 🙂 I’m beginning my 2016 reviewsContinue reading “Review: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah”

10 snippets of wisdom from MLK, Jr.

Today is the third Monday of January, which means it’s the federal holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. We all know about Dr. King and his dreams of seeing equality for all people here in America and around the globe. But do you know much about what else he said? I’m far fromContinue reading “10 snippets of wisdom from MLK, Jr.”

6 things you might not know about the Quakers

I love that reading fiction helps me escape to another time or place, into a world that entertains me and gives me a break from work/house stuff/playing family errand runner and chauffeur. I love it even more when reading a novel teaches me some new things. The book I read this weekend is a perfectContinue reading “6 things you might not know about the Quakers”