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3 devotional books worth reading in 2024

Holiday and gift giving season is the perfect time to begin thinking about devotional books you might want to read in 2024. Here are three I’ve enjoyed that you might want to consider, plus a fourth that hasn’t hit my mailbox yet but I think will be fun to read.

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God is our hope, even in the darkness

Two verses tucked into the Old Testament book of Micah reminded me that there’s always a glimmer of light to be found, even on the darkest days.

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Finding hope in dark places

Some days seem like all sunshine and roses. Other days … not so much. When you need a reminder of where our true hope is found, download the fall issue of Refresh magazine and read how hope shines in dark places (including my article, “Nightmare Prayers”).

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We’re all a masterpiece — and a work in progress

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress. That’s the message I saw on a meme a few weeks ago, and it stuck with me. The world expects “masterpiece” and can turn cruel when all they see in us is “work in progress.” How do we remind ourselves that despite our flaws and failures, we’re a masterpiece of God?