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How to pray when you’re too overwhelmed to pray

Sometimes praying is easy. We have specific things in mind, know just what to ask, and the prayer comes straight from our heart with no problem. But sometimes we don’t know what to pray. The situation might be so complicated or scary that we don’t know how to put our feelings into words or where… Continue reading How to pray when you’re too overwhelmed to pray

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Restarting after getting stuck

A wasp is caught between the window and screen above our kitchen sink. How did it get there? We can’t see the slit that it must have slipped through, but some sort of opening must be there. Now the wasp can’t seem to find its way back to the hidden opening either, so it crawls… Continue reading Restarting after getting stuck

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Scripture Saturday: Psalm 103:2

  I love this translation of Psalm 103:2. Many translations use the wording "forget not all His benefits." I didn't have a good grasp of what that meant when I was younger, but "never forget the good things He does for me" is about as plain as you can get. It's something that's easy for… Continue reading Scripture Saturday: Psalm 103:2

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God remembers even the smallest things about us

As businesses attempt to get closer to how they were before spring 2020, many of us who have worked from home for a year or longer are returning to the workplace. My turn came the week of Sept. 13 when our department began going back to the office two days a week. It had been… Continue reading God remembers even the smallest things about us