My Books

I wrote and illustrated my first book when I was about 8 years old. It was a story about a little bear who lived in a refrigerator box, and I wrote it while sitting in the back yard in — you guessed it — the box from my mom’s new refrigerator. I gave the little book to Mama, who actually still has it all these years later.

That was my first book โ€ฆ but it was a single, specially made product. My first book for the rest of the world was published in 2006 by Extreme Diva Media: Work-from-home Moms’ Devotions to Go.

My second devotional book, Divas in Disguise: Finding the True Diva in You was published for middle school girls in 2008.

3-Minute Devotions for Moms followed in 2014. I hope to someday add novels to my list of titles.

Work from home moms' devotons to go book cover



Work-from-home Moms’ Devotions to Go



Divas in disguise book cover



Divas in Disguise: Finding the True Diva in You



3 minute devotionals for moms book cover



3-Minute Devotions for Moms