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Moving past the pain of rejection

No longer under consideration. The words on my computer screen were small and gray, but might has well have been bright red and flashing, as the reality behind them sank in. Rejected. Failure. Sub-par. I was no longer in the running for a position in another department at work – a position I thought would… Continue reading Moving past the pain of rejection

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Following God wherever He sends us

Where do you live? Maybe you’re in a bustling city or a laid-back rural community. Maybe you live somewhere between the extremes, in a town that seems busy some days and silent on others. Wherever you are, have you ever considered that God set you in that particular place for a reason? That He brought… Continue reading Following God wherever He sends us

Scripture verses, Thankful Thursday

Giving thanks each day

  Happy Thanksgiving, friends! And each morning and evening they stood before the Lord to sing songs of thanks and praise to him. 1 Chronicles 23:30 I love that this verse in 1 Chronicles tells how the people intentionally thanked and praised God every morning and every evening. He blessed them with a new day… Continue reading Giving thanks each day

Living in Faith, Scripture verses

Help for when things weigh us down

My purse seemed extra heavy when I got home at the end of the day. It was filled with all the usual things so I thought I was imagining the weight — until I pulled out my wallet. The section for coins bulged so much that the seams along the zipper strained. I dumped all… Continue reading Help for when things weigh us down