Praying for Baby Annabelle

In case you haven’t noticed lately, us girls are wired differently from those guys in our lives. 🙂 And, although I’m not trying to say they never feel upset when they read about something terrible, I think my Mama’s heart is what keeps this story circling through my mind.

I’m involved with several online writing groups and have a few writing blogs that I visit regularly. The writing world is pretty small (especially when you’re focusing on the Christian market), so you can really get to know some people when your online paths cross continually.

One of those people for me is a mom and wife named Krista Phillips. We’ve never met, but have both been ‘regulars’ in some writing circles for a while. She is a funny, compassionate, faithful woman who I think would be a lot of fun as a “real world” friend. But she and her husband have an incredible load to bear these days because their baby girl has a heart condition. She’s less than a year old but has already had 2 or 3 surgeries. Last week the doctors recommended a heart transplant, so they’re praying through that decision.

I can’t imagine facing that kind of situation. My heart breaks for what they’re going through, but at the same time I’m encouraged because Krista is such an incredible example while walking down this path. I can only pray that I would have the same strength and faith if faced with their challenges. God is God, and He is in control.

I know they covet prayers and appreciate each and every one. If you want to learn more about Annabelle’s journey, visit Krista’s blog (but have your tissues handy!). Better yet, add their family to your prayers and let’s watch to see what wonderful things God will do through this tiny girl.

Thanks for reading.


For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

Psalm 139:13-14


Published by Leigh DeLozier

My name is Leigh, and I'm a writer who was fortunate enough to work from home while our children were growing up. During those years of freelance writing and editing I helped clients with brochures, website copy, magazine articles, press releases and more. I was also blessed to write and publish three devotional books (two under my name and one as a freelancer) and have individual devotionals published in several places. I returned to the corporate work world in 2016 but continue to handle occasional freelance projects and chip away at several novels that have lurked on my computer for years.

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