Monday Musings, Scripture verses

Monday Musings: Faith

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1).

Our confidence comes, not by knowing God’s promises, but by believing them.

It’s late in the day to be posting, but this verse and thought have been on my mind, thanks to the calendar in my kitchen that I just flipped to February’s page. I’ve always loved the verse from Hebrews because it reminds me exactly what faith is — and what it isn’t. Faith isn’t making my plans and doing whatever I can to orchestrate them to fall in place. Faith isn’t agreeing with or having confidence in what I can see or touch right beside me.

Faith is believing — not just knowing about, but believing — what God says to be true. Not because the evidence slaps me in the face. Because I know enough about God to know His character and promises and place my belief and trust in them.

Knowing is one thing. Truly believing is quite another. But as hard as it might be (or maybe because of how hard it might be), that’s exactly what God asks of us. He’s proven Himself all through the ages to countless numbers of people. Who am I to think He won’t also be faithful to me when I love and follow Him?

Faith, sweet Lord, please give me faith — in the good times and bad, on smooth roads and rocky outcrops, when I feel the warmth of your smile and when my face grows cool because I’ve stepped too far away. You are the ever-present, almighty, sovereign, unwaveringly faithful God of all creation. You alone are worthy of my praise! You alone are worthy of my trust and belief. Show me how to draw closer to you and nurture my faith in your goodness every day. In the name of your precious Son Jesus I pray. Amen.