Wednesday Writings: An Inspiration

Everyone needs inspiration to keep moving through the rough patches, whether you’re a teacher or a writer or parent … or any other role.

I’m one of the bloggers over at Favorite PASTimes, which is a blog that features author interviews and book reviews for historical projects. Our author interview this week is with Martha Rogers, a woman who has persevered in her writing for years before acquiring an agent, and for more years before landing a book contract. But when God brought her to that point, He didn’t just bless her with a single title contract — He blessed her with a 3-book series! Martha has spent years on the up-and-down trail of pursuing publication, but kept at it because she wanted to be faithful to the dream God put in her heart.

Although I’ve never met Martha, I ‘know’ her through some online Christian writing groups and she’s such an inspiration to me (and I hope to someday meet her at a conference). I just got her debut novel, Becoming Lucy, in my goodie box from Christmas gift cards, so will post a review once I read it. In the meantime, I hope you’ll hop over to Favorite PASTimes to meet Martha and hear her story.

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