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What Layers Am I Missing?

Sometimes when we grow up in church -- or have been there for a long time -- it can feel like we know nearly every Scripture passage the pastor reads on Sunday morning. But, even if we know the passage, that doesn't mean we know all the lessons. Which was the lesson I was reminded… Continue reading What Layers Am I Missing?

Monday Musings

A Fresh New Start

The last time I posted on this blog was a couple of years ago to let people know I was merging the blog in with my regular website. That worked really well until a few weeks ago when I learned that the company I've used as a host for nearly 10 years is filing bankruptcy.… Continue reading A Fresh New Start

God sightings, Monday Musings

Beauty Beneath the Surface

Our family went to the Georgia Aquarium while the kids were on fall break a few weeks ago. We hadn't been in a couple of years, and I always love seeing all the different types of fish and water creatures. Some -- like the otters -- were too quick for me to get decent pictures.… Continue reading Beauty Beneath the Surface

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Caught in Translation

Have you ever come across a Bible verse that you know you must’ve read before, but that somehow seemed completely unfamiliar and new to you? It’s happened to me twice in the past couple of weeks – times when the verse just jumped out at me and I thought, “How in the world have I… Continue reading Caught in Translation