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Following God wherever He sends us

Where do you live? Maybe you’re in a bustling city or a laid-back rural community. Maybe you live somewhere between the extremes, in a town that seems busy some days and silent on others. Wherever you are, have you ever considered that God set you in that particular place for a reason? That He brought… Continue reading Following God wherever He sends us

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Acting with tenacity – thanks to Amelia Earhart

For the last several years, I’ve bought a daily tear-off calendar for my desk; one was Bible verses, one was great books to read, one was beautiful photos. This year’s is called “Seize the Day” and has inspirational quotes by people ranging from professional athletes to authors, historical figures to models, TV personalities to scientists.… Continue reading Acting with tenacity – thanks to Amelia Earhart

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Shifting Gears

I've been writing fiction (or rather, learning how to write fiction) for about 5 years now. It's an ever changing, always challenging part of life, which I love. And, for me at least, part of that "ever changing" has meant I've dabbled in genres from young adult to suspense to contemporary women's fiction to historical… Continue reading Shifting Gears