Monday Musings

A Fresh New Start

DSC05283The last time I posted on this blog was a couple of years ago to let people know I was merging the blog in with my regular website. That worked really well until a few weeks ago when I learned that the company I’ve used as a host for nearly 10 years is filing bankruptcy. My hosting and domain renewals were paid for during this same timeframe but lost in the shuffle, so didn’t go into effect.

What that meant was, everything related to that site ( is gone. Ack! I had the site info backed up in some other spots, so had a great starting point toward getting back online. Super thankful for that! The worst part is that I lost my blog subscriber list so will be rebuilding from practically Ground Zero on that front. But such is life and it could be a lot worse.

So … I’m back here and will probably be changing the domain to not include “wordpress.” I’m hoping that if I point that domain here all of you current subscribers will stay intact, but am not sure because this is new territory for me! Learning as I go (again). 🙂

Now that I’m over the shock and have things up and running again, I’m kind of glad for the fresh start. I got too hung up in the “find a focus and only blog about that” mindset which I know can be good, but it ended up running me dry. I like to blog about lots of different things, which meant I wasn’t sure what my single focus should be. That meant I stopped blogging much at all. Which isn’t good for a writer!

This time around I’m going to just enjoy blogging about whatever’s on my mind at the moment — book reviews, inspirational quotes, things from my life, and whatever else feels right. I do think all of it will tie in with the “tag line” I still had on this site from a few years ago — Living Faith in the Real World. It’s something I’m always working at and often falling way short on. So trust me when I say I’m talking to myself with whatever I’m learning about or struggling with at the moment!

My hope is that the people who come across what I write will find something they can relate to whether it’s a funny situation, a snippet of thoughts about a devotional I’ve read, or a great book I’m looking forward to reading. I’m glad you’re here and hope you’ll stick around. And if you want to pass the word (aka, link) along to anyone else, that would be great too. Thanks, and have a fabulous week!

Photo note: This sunrise is from one morning last October when our family was at Crescent Beach in Florida. I’m up long before sunrise most days in the “real world,” but that doesn’t mean I stop to see many of them. And I rarely do when we’re on vacation because I’m usually trying to catch up on some sleep! But I’m glad I saw this one and snagged my camera because the photo is a constant reminder of the fresh start we have every day and that every day is full of potential. God is good!