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Celebration Time

Today I’m excited to share some great news from some of my writing friends. I hope you’ll click on the links I’ve included so you can check out their websites and blogs yourself.

First, a huge congratulation to Cathy West, whose debut novel Yesterday’s Tomorrow was released a few weeks ago. Not long after I joined American Christian Fiction Writers several years ago, I was added to a critique group that taught me so much about writing fiction. Cathy was part of that group, and I read quite a bit of Yesterday’s Tomorrow over several months. I never got to the end, though, so can hardly wait to get my own copy and finish the story! Cathy has worked super hard for years and deserves every bit of celebration and joy that come with being a published author. Check out her website and blog to learn more about her writing journey and read about Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

Remember when Dina Sleiman was my guest blogger a couple of months ago? She shared about being still and waiting when God tells us to, and how we never know what God might be working on that we don’t know about. Well, God has definitely been working on some things in Dina’s writing life. She has a contract for her first novel to be published with Whitefire Publishing! Dance of the Dandilions will be available later this year. I’m not sure if this is the right cover, but it’s the latest on Dina’s site and looks great. Congrats, Dina!

My other good news to share comes from Joyce Fincher, a member of my local writers group. Joyce published He’ll Lead You Through Your Sea a few months ago and I’ve just been able to read my copy. It’s a series of recollections from tragedies in her life that God has helped her through, from the loss of an unborn child to a brain tumor and more. It’s an amazing glimpse into parts of her life that people who meet her today would never suspect had brought her down, thanks to her wonderful outlook on life and sure, steady faith. Joyce, you amaze me and I’m so glad God brought us together through EMACW.

It’s so fun to share good news. 🙂 Happy weekend everyone!

Christian fiction, Christian non-fiction

Choices, Choices Everywhere

If there’s one vice our entire family shares, it’s reading. Well, and maybe a love for Sonic shakes or sundaes, but we won’t get into that one here.

We were on vacation last week because the kids were out of school for fall break. What’d we do a few days before leaving? We visited our local Books A Million store to let everyone stock up on beach reading material. I was a good girl and got one book; the kids and my husband all got two books each.

But before you start feeling sorry for me because I didn’t get as many books as everyone else, you might want to look at my “to be read” piles …

Here’s a look at a partial stack of novels I’m ready to disappear into (not counting the Percy Jackson series I’ve finally started reading after my son has bugged me about it for two years and a book that came in the mail afterwards that I’ll write some reviews on).

And this one shows a partial stack of non-fiction titles waiting to enlighten me (not counting some of the titles I’m partway though).

Once you put all these books, the ones I’ve read, piles of papers for work, and various other stuff in my office, you can only imagine how things look. And, yes, I’m leaving that one to your imagination because I’d be too embarrassed to post pictures of it for the world to see.

I actually read three books while we were out of town and sneaked in one more since getting home. Now to decide which one to tackle next … but what a wonderful dilemma to face!

Happy reading. 🙂