Wednesday Writing: The Editor Scoop

When you’re at a writers’ conference, one of the best ways to learn what editors or literary agents want is to attend open forum-type sessions where they answer questions. We had a few opportunities at the Philadelphia Conference to sit in on panel discussions with literary agents, magazine editors, and book editors. During one ofContinue reading “Wednesday Writing: The Editor Scoop”

Trading Gideon for a Levite

  I’ve long said that I’m a writing conference junkie. Big, small, or in between, there’s always something to learn and someone to meet. There are also many wonderful choices, and I like to keep up with what’s happening even if I can’t attend. One that I’ve looked at for several years and have read manyContinue reading “Trading Gideon for a Levite”

When Dreams & Reality Collide

I love going to writers’ conferences. I mean, I really, really love going to writers’ conferences. As in, if I didn’t have a family to think of and money or days off from work were of no concern, I would go to every writers’ conference I could find. But that’s not how real life plays out.Continue reading “When Dreams & Reality Collide”

Resource: Conference CDs

If I had unlimited vacation time, a bottomless bank account, and no family obligations, I could easily become a writers’ conference junkie. I’m involved with a conference my local writers group hosts each summer and try to attend one other conference during the year. But there are so many to choose from and it can beContinue reading “Resource: Conference CDs”