EMACW conference wrap-up

My local writers group, East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers, hosted its annual conference last weekend. It’s so fun to look back over the past few years since we started ‘conferencing’ and see where God has taken us. We plan, we pray, and He comes through for us in a big way. We’re worn out whenContinue reading “EMACW conference wrap-up”

Trading Gideon for a Levite

¬† I’ve long said that I’m a writing conference junkie. Big, small, or in between, there’s always something to learn and¬†someone to meet. There are also many wonderful choices, and I like to keep up with what’s happening even if I can’t attend. One that I’ve looked at for several years and have read manyContinue reading “Trading Gideon for a Levite”

Coming July 12: Bible study author Tammy Melton

Don’t you love how God puts just the right people in your path at just the right time? That’s what He did when a few of us from our writers’ group attended the American Christian Writers conference in Atlanta in May. We learned a lot, got some priceless encouragement from the faculty, and began someContinue reading “Coming July 12: Bible study author Tammy Melton”