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Book Signing Blues

When my first devotional book was published, I could hardly wait to have a book signing. After all, that’s what authors do, right? They schedule a time, promote it to everyone they can think of, and sell tons of books. Um, not always. One of my signings was a huge success. It helps to hold… Continue reading Book Signing Blues


Coming Later Today …

It's been a good week, but a crazy one! I haven't gotten my review of Katy's New World ready for posting yet, but will take care of that later (read: will get to that after the real-world work LOL). Have a great Friday and stay tuned! 🙂

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Monday Musings: Knowing God More

Casting Crowns is one of my favorite Christian bands, and has been since their first CD released a few years ago. Their lyrics are so powerful and their messages hit so close to home that nearly every song on every CD is a favorite. The same is true of their newest release, Until the Whole… Continue reading Monday Musings: Knowing God More

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Time to Drain

Paper towels. How many times a week -- or even each day -- do you snag one off the roll? I do it all the time and never gave it a second thought ... until I found myself writing about it in my novel. Here's the scenario. My character is cooking breakfast and takes bacon… Continue reading Time to Drain