6 things you might not know about the Quakers

I love that reading fiction helps me escape to another time or place, into a world that entertains me and gives me a break from work/house stuff/playing family errand runner and chauffeur. I love it even more when reading a novel teaches me some new things. The book I read this weekend is a perfectContinue reading “6 things you might not know about the Quakers”

Thankful I can question God

One of my challenges to myself lately is to pay more attention to the little things in life and be grateful for them, even if they don’t seem that important. I’ve seen “Thankful Thursday” blogs posts and memes periodically and thought that would be a good thing to incorporate here. I already had some ideasContinue reading “Thankful I can question God”

What I’ve Learned Lately … With Lynda Schab

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to author Lynda Schab. Lynda and I met a few years ago through an online critique group and I can honestly say that I have absolutely loved any of her writing I’ve ever read. She has a fresh, funny, I-can-relate-to-everything-her-character’s-going-through writing voice that pulls you right intoContinue reading “What I’ve Learned Lately … With Lynda Schab”

Caught in Translation

Have you ever come across a Bible verse that you know you must’ve read before, but that somehow seemed completely unfamiliar and new to you? It’s happened to me twice in the past couple of weeks – times when the verse just jumped out at me and I thought, “How in the world have IContinue reading “Caught in Translation”