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Fun Read Friday: CROWN Marketing

I've always loved to read and still enjoy it even if I don't spend nearly as much time curled up with a good book as in years past. That's about to change (at least to some extent), thanks to a new online group I'm part of. It's called CROWN Fiction Marketing, and it was established… Continue reading Fun Read Friday: CROWN Marketing

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Time to Drain

Paper towels. How many times a week -- or even each day -- do you snag one off the roll? I do it all the time and never gave it a second thought ... until I found myself writing about it in my novel. Here's the scenario. My character is cooking breakfast and takes bacon… Continue reading Time to Drain

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What’s Outside Your Door?

My husband went outside one morning last week to crank up his truck for a few minutes before heading to work. He came back in shaking his head and smiling. Apparently, when he stepped outside a big doe was standing in our front yard. Now it's not like we live on umpteen acres by ourselves… Continue reading What’s Outside Your Door?