New Year, New Plan

I love the fun of having a blog. I love the concept of having different blogs for different audiences or to discuss different things. The trouble is, I’ve not been exactly faithful in keeping them all updated. In case you haven’t noticed (ahem).

I go through phases of being a fairly faithful blogger, then get spread too thin. So I’m starting 2010 by consolidating some things. I’m just sticking with this blog, and my goal is to post 3 days a week. If that happens, the schedule will look like this:

  • Monday Musings: A Scripture verse to help start the week on the right note.
  • Writing Wednesday: A collection of writing quotes, resources, short author interviews, and book reviews.
  • Friday Fun: Info on historical websites or blogs, things I’ve learned from research, or other interesting tidbits.

Of course, I’ll still post about my own writing journey when there’s something worth telling. 🙂

So what do you think? I’d love to hear your perspectives on the challenges you have with blogging, how you got on a regular blogging schedule (which has been my problem), or how you decided on your blog’s focus.  

Happy new year and happy blogging!

Published by Leigh DeLozier

My name is Leigh, and I'm a writer who was fortunate enough to work from home while our children were growing up. During those years of freelance writing and editing I helped clients with brochures, website copy, magazine articles, press releases and more. I was also blessed to write and publish three devotional books (two under my name and one as a freelancer) and have individual devotionals published in several places. I returned to the corporate work world in 2016 but continue to handle occasional freelance projects and chip away at several novels that have lurked on my computer for years.

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