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Rising for the Occasion

alarm-clockIf you looked at the title to this post and thought I meant the usual “rising to the occasion,” I really did mean to say “for” instead. Why? Because I’ve starting rising for a special occasion several mornings a week — time to work on my novel before the rest of the day’s craziness ensues.

So what’s so special about that? The fact that I’m getting my sleepy self up before anyone else in the house — and even before the roosters down the road — to pad through the house, make my way downstairs, sit at my computer, and add words to this story that keeps building in my mind.

But they’re not just any words, you know. They’re words that — theoretically, at least — fit together and move the story forward in a way that still makes sense after the sun comes up. Jury’s still out on that some days.

Am I crazy? Probably. After all, I am a writer, and people tend to think we’re a bit odd anyway, especially when we start working on novels and begin to feel like the characters in our heads are actually real. (More on that another day.)

Am I tired? Yes, but not as much as I’d expected. I think it’s partly because 1) I’m trying to get in the bed a bit earlier; 2) I’m excited about what I’m working on; and 3) I’m fulfilling a commitment I made to God when I felt Him nudging me toward the fiction-writing world. This book is not going to write itself! Knowing that I’m doing something God has called me to do and spending time with Him before, during, and after the actual writing time just feels right. I think He’s pleased, too (and I sure do keep praying that it stays that way!).  

Is it easy? Some days yes, some days no. But any work we do for the Lord can be like that. The jobs He gives us won’t get done unless we commit ourselves to them and do what it takes to fulfill our part. Some days I might only write 200 words; yesterday I reached nearly 800. Either way, they’re a few more building blocks to my story and I’m good with that.

Just don’t ask me to set the alarm for any earlier than I already am. 🙂