Writing life

Back Up and Running

Happy new year!

I started this blog last year as a way to share info on writers’ groups, Christian books and the like, but didn’t go very far with it because I decided it might be too much to add one more thing to my overly full plate. But … when I was fiddling with my other blog and took a peek at the stats for this one, I saw that people were somehow finding it and stopping by to visit. Who knew?! I’m not sure how you’re tracking me down, but if you’re here I might as well pay more attention to it.

So … welcome to 2009 and a new blog for writers or those who might be interested in writing. I’m still writing devotionals, still involved with my local writers group (East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers), and still learning the ropes of writing fiction.

Some things on the “new” front of my writing revolve around fiction: 

  • I’m hoping to join another local writers group this year that focuses on fiction (a local chapter of ACFW, which I think is a must for anyone writing Christian fiction).
  • I’ve been praying about working with a critique partner or maybe getting involved with a small critique group (since I haven’t been part of a group for about a year), and have found someone to possibly work with. That’s exciting, so we’ll see how it goes and if we feel like we’re helping each other’s writing enough to continue.
  • And (drumroll, please) I think I’ve actually settled on a genre for my novels — historical fiction. Trust me, no one is more surprised at that than I am! It’s a long story, but the bottom line is I’ve been building the characters and story for this book for a few months and have actually passed the 10,000 word mark with the manuscript. That’s a first for a girl who’s spent the last 3 years hopping from one genre to another or from one story to another when a new idea struck. Maybe the stories in my mind have finally found a home. 🙂

I still plan to post book reviews and info on writers conferences here. Now, with my focus on historical fiction, I’ll probably throw in some tidbits from things I learn while researching my book. I hope you enjoy the info and will come back to visit soon.

God bless and here’s to a wonderful 2009!