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One of my favorite writing blogs to visit is Seekerville. It was started by a group of ladies who met — and kept running up against each other — in multiple writing contests. They banded together as a way to support each other, grow in their writing craft, and just have fun. And they let the rest of us join in! Most of those ladies have since moved from “Unpubbed Island” to the published mainland, but they’re generous enough to share advice (and some scrumptious cyber food) with whoever stops by.

Need advice on writing query letters or proposals? Check.

Want to read interviews with some of the top literary agents to help decide who to target (in a nice way, of course!)? Plenty to browse through.

Wondering how to improve your novel’s plot structure or keep track of all those characters and their goals? They’ve got you covered.  

Hoping to start your day with some laughs, encouragement, and motivation to tackle whatever problem your manuscript has thrown your way? This is your place.

But — disclaimer time — I wouldn’t be a responsible blogger without issuing a warning: visiting Seekerville can be addictive. Stock up on sunscreen for all the hot-of-the-press tips you’ll collect, bring water to help cure those hiccups you’ll get from laughing so much, and pack your walking shoes for all those brainstorming walks on the beach. This is one little island you’ll want to visit again and again. 🙂

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