Work-from-home Moms’ Devotions to Go

Work from home moms' devotons to go book coverWork-from-home Moms’ Devotions to Go is a month-long devotional book and journal for those women who juggle work and family under the same roof and still manage to keep up with church, friends, and everything else that makes life complete.

I started writing it soon after I became a work-from-home mom myself and couldn’t find a devotional book to fit my new place in the world. The devotionals tie in with the challenges and lessons of working from home, but also touch a chord with any busy mom who’s trying to keep all those plates from spinning out of control.

Back cover copy:

Do you sometimes feel more like a professional juggler than a professional woman?

Women who struggle to balance running a business from home and family life often feel more like jugglers than professionals. They have so many more balls in the air at one time, they worry it may all come crashing down at any moment. To say they are stressed would be an understatement.

Work-from-home Moms’ Devotions to Go is a month-long devotional book for that special group of moms who juggle the work and home responsibilities under the same roof. All 31 devotionals recognize the incredible blessing, and challenge, working from home can be. Devotionals draw on Leigh’s experience as a work-from-home mom.

Each devotional is followed by a Home Work assignment. These assignments provide opportunities for additional reading and personal application.

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