Word Touches

I haven’t posted a writing quote in a while, but read one a couple of days ago that’s absolutely perfect for many of us who keep plugging away on our articles, books, blog posts, and more.  It’s courtesy of a man named Lewis Greer who’s also a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. He includedContinue reading “Word Touches”

Wednesday Writing: Born Writers

  “For your born writer, nothing is so healing as the realization that he has come upon the right word.”  — Catherine D. Bowen, American author, 1897-1973 Finding the right word. Isn’t that what every writer strives for? It’s why we write and rewrite and rewrite again — because we want to say it perfectly.Continue reading “Wednesday Writing: Born Writers”

Wednesday Writing: Ending Well

  I’ve been suffering from a serious case of sleep deprivation during the past couple weeks, but for once it has’t been because of work. This time I’m blaming it on all those world class Olympic athletes. Once again, I was drawn right into the stories behind the athletes, the nail-biting competitions, and way tooContinue reading “Wednesday Writing: Ending Well”

Wednesday Writings: Raising Children Who Read

“Children who read become adults who lead.” Helen Ruffin, retired school librarian I first saw this quote on the back of some t-shirts at a quiz bowl competition our son participated in a few weeks ago. The kids at the competition have all read award-winning children’s books and go head-to-head answering questions about the books.Continue reading “Wednesday Writings: Raising Children Who Read”