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Book Review: Giving Hope to Parents of Prodigals

I mentioned a few months ago that I’d joined an online group for Christian writers called the John 3:16 Marketing Network. Our goal is to uplift each other as we write the books God puts on our hearts — whether it’s through sharing ideas, lifting each other up in prayer, or helping spread the word about each other’s books. Today I’m happy to introduce you to a fellow J316 member, Anita Estes, who I actually met at the Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference in August. (It’s always so nice to meet online friends in person!)

Anita’s celebrating a special day tomorrow (Nov. 8) — the official launch of her latest book, Letters to God on a Prodigal Son: Overcoming Addiction Through Prayer. Tomorrow only, if you order a copy of Anita’s book you’ll get lots of free bonuses and will also be entered in a contest to win either a $25 or $50 gift card to some favorite stores. To learn more about the book and the free offers for that day, visit a special page on Anita’s website.

In Letters to God, Anita shares excerpts from her personal journal and prayer book while living through the ordeal of having a prodigal son with addiction problems. She shares bits of their stories, prayers she prayed along each step, lessons her family learned, and suggestions her readers can follow when they’re in the same situations. As I saw in one book review, Letters to God lets you “witness the transformation of a mother who felt helpless to help her son, but turns to God and never lets go. Watch her faith grow and her son find freedom, redemption and deliverance.”  (CBM Book Reviews)

“I want those who are watching a loved one caught in the blinding windstorm of addiction to understand that God did not want this for them and He invites them to dialogue honestly with Him,” Anita says. “I want parents, family, relatives and friends to be equipped with spiritual tools for coming against the powers of darkness involved in addiction. My desire is to help guide them on this dark journey and lead them into the light of God’s presence.”

If you’re interested in learning more, check out Anita’s website and all the free gifts you’ll get by ordering Letters to God on Nov. 8. Then, if you do buy a copy, stop back by and let me know how you liked it. I think you’ll find a powerful, easy to understand, honest look at what families go through when dealing with prodigals and/or family members with addictions. I know it gave me new insights and hope it’s a big encouragement to those who need it most.

Here’ the link again for all the special things tomorrow:

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