Book Love

Reading Bowl and Award Winning Books

As I posted last week, our son is on his school’s team for the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl competition. They placed second at the county level, then second at the divisional level. Woo-hoo! 🙂 Tomorrow they compete at the divisional level. The first place teams from the state’s two divisions will play each other for the state title as part of the Children’s Literature Conference at the University of Georgia in March.

The books they read and are quizzed on are Georgia Children’s Book Award winners. Last year, I only read 2 of the 12 books (well, 2 1/2, but our son says the 1/2 doesn’t count). This year I did much better — I read 11 of the 18, and am halfway through #12. Granted, I’ve liked some better than others, but I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve read so far.

So … tomorrow will be stressful, but a lot of fun. We’re so proud of our kids! Go, Titans — we love you and we’re pulling for you!

In honor of all the kids’ hard work and to help spread the word about great books for kids, here are the stories they’ve read: