Writing life

Coming Soon …

School’s back in session so it’s time for the organize/get on track bug to strike me again — goodness knows he’s been on vacation long enough! I really do think about this blog pretty often, even though you wouldn’t know from the lack of posts. It’s just that I usually think about it when I can’t actually write a post — like when I’m driving, and it just can’t be a good thing to try and write blog posts while you’re behind the wheel.

At any rate, since the whole ‘starting fresh’ thing is on my mind, I’m going to jump back in and try something new here. I’ve read (and heard) a lot about keeping blogs centered on themes instead of hopping all over the place with whatever strikes your fancy. I’ve tried to stay focused to some extent, but need to do better in that department. My new plan (ta da!) is to post a writing quote on Mondays, something about a helpful resource on Wednesdays, and a book review or author news on Fridays. Then I’ll work in other things about my own projects whenever something worth mentioning comes along.

Here’s to new plans and molding myself into a better poster! I hope you’ll come back and join me for the fun. 🙂