Writing life

Jumping In

penguin-jumpLike the penguins? I thought they were cute, especially considering I’ve made some pretty good jumps with writing things lately.

First, I found a new critique partner. Yay! I was in a critique group a couple of years ago but we fizzled out for a combination of reasons. I knew I needed to get in a new group or needed to find a partner, so I’m really happy to have met Kate. She’s published a contemporary romance, The Governor’s Wife, and we started sharing chapters with each other a couple of weeks ago. There’s nothing like having another writer read your stuff to help you catch things and make them better. I’ve added Kate to my list of writing friends, so check out her website when you have time.

Second, I was thrilled to learn that I’ve been added to the group of bloggers over at Favorite PASTimes. This group of ladies blogs only about historical fiction and has historical info, author interviews, book reviews, and book giveaways every week. I’ve been a lurker there for a while so jumped at the chance when they were looking for a couple more people to help share the load. I’ll be helping with author interviews and am so excited about being part of the team. They’re a fun group and I know I’ll learn a lot from them as we get to know each other.

And third, I mailed off a contest entry today. [Gulp!] I’ve entered the ACFW’s Genesis contest the past two years and am finalizing my entry for this year’s contest. But I made a commitment to enter at least a couple of other contests this year so just sent my pages to the Duel on the Delta judges (gotta love that name). Sending my baby out for “official” judge comments can be scary, but it can also be one of the best ways to learn what you’re doing well and what you need to focus on to get better. Just remind me of that when I get my comments back in a few months and want to drown my sorrows in  melted chocolate, OK?

I picked the penguins for today because he’s being a brave guy jumping out there to have some fun and maybe try something new. But even though he’s being adventurous, his buddy is right there behind him to encourage him along the way or jump in to save him if he gets in too deep.

Hmmm … kind of like all those friends and supporters we find along the way when we’re writing, isn’t it? 🙂