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Tear vases

cropped-vaseIt’s my day to have a post over on Favorite PASTimes, and I wrote about tear vases — something you might have heard of but that was new to me when I visited a Biblical museum a few weeks ago. Hop over and check it out!

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PASTimes Post

We’ve had some shifting of duties over at Favorite PASTimes, and I’ll be sharing the Monday posts with some of the other ladies. Mondays are fun because you never know exactly what history-related you might find.

I decided to pull out all the stops for my debut and write about … Tiddleywinks. 🙂 Hop over to Favorite PASTimes to read it!

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Interview Time

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d been invited to join the team of contributors at the Favorite PASTimes blog. I was tickled when they invited me, and bowled over when I learned that they actually had quite a few eager wannabe helpers respond to their invitation — and I was one of the two people they picked. Who would’ve known? 🙂

It’s a great blog that focuses on historical fiction. Mondays feature info on upcoming historical novels or other historical/research tidbits. Tuesdays and Wednesdays feature 2-part interviews with historical fiction authors — and since the interview is spread over two days you learn a lot about the authors, their projects, and why they love historical fiction. Every Thursday we have a book review, and post a book winner on Friday (usually a book written by that week’s feature author). Whew! That’s a lot of good stuff for historical fans!

The other group newbie (Patty Smith Hall) and I are featured on today’s post — just a way to introduce ourselves to the readers and get more officially on board. I’d love for you to check it out and let us know what you think!

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Today in History

I come from a long line of teachers and used to say that if I ever went into education I would want to teach either creative writing or history. I still love writing and still enjoy digging into history, so I guess some things never change. Since I’m working on a novel set in 1900, here are some events that my characters would have known, or at least known about as recent history …

  • The American League, consisting of eight baseball teams, was organized in Philadelphia (Jan. 29, 1900).
  • “She’ll be comin’ round the mountain” was one of the most popular songs of 1899.
  • The game Tiddley Winks was only 2 years old.
  • Cold cereals had just been introduced in 1897.
  • President McKinley signed a peace treaty with Spain (1899).
  • Congress authorized the use of voting machines for federal elections (1899).

See? That’s part of what I like about history — you never know what neat things you’ll learn until you take the time to look!

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