Marketing, PR & Social Media

I’m a bit of an anomaly in the writing world because I don’t only like to immerse myself in research and writing — I love the public relations and promotions side of writing. That’s pretty scary territory for some authors, so I enjoy using my PR background to help create press releases or media kits, set up blog tours, or walk others through the nuts and bolts of book signings.

social media artI also love to dabble in social media, which is another scary zone for many authors. But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re completely new to the social media game, have several online profiles you’d like to enhance, or fall somewhere in between, we can work together to build connections with readers and fans. Trust me when I say there are lots of fun ways to do this!

Some of the ways we can work together on marketing and public relations include:

  • Promotional plans to dovetail with whatever marketing services your publisher offers (press releases, book signings, blog tours, marketing materials, etc.)
  • Social media promotion (setting up basic accounts; helping you discover the types of things to post; writing and scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, or Google+; writing blog posts; etc.)

Learn more about two promotional options tailored specifically for each author I represent:

As with any marketing plan, there’s never a “one size fits all” answer. We can work together on whatever you need, whether it’s a single press release or an ongoing social media campaign. Just contact me to discuss your project and needs. We’ll form a plan that’s perfect for you and your audience!