Editing & Proofreading

pencil cupNo matter how much work we put into a project, we can always benefit from having another person look through what we’ve done. I’ve been a writer and editor for more than 20 years and love to help people find ways to tweak their projects to make them sparkle even more. Whether you’re looking for a basic proofread or something more extensive, I can offer valuable advice. If, by chance, you have a project that I feel is beyond my scope, I also have a list of qualified editors who work in the Christian market and can help put you in touch with some of them.

My pricing structure depends on the project and exactly how involved you want me to be. Rates are based on double-spaced pages using 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins. Prices include an initial proofread or edit and minimal double checking. If the project needs extensive work beyond that scope, we’ll discuss it and continue accordingly.

    • Proofreading: A final read-through before you send your manuscript to an editor, agent or publishing house. Correct basic grammar, typographical, punctuation, and formatting errors. $3 per page (double spaced).
    • Light copy editing: Address proofreading checkpoints as listed above. Also correct word usage; check cross-references; note big-picture errors the author should address; flag names/titles/quotes the author should double check; check consistency of hyphenation, abbreviations, list formats, etc; check contents page against chapters; check numbering of footnotes, tables, figures, etc. $4 per page (double spaced).
    • Medium copy editing: Address proofreading and light copyediting checkpoints as listed above. Also check for consistency/inconsistency in point of view and verb tense; note redundancies and sentences needing clarity; suggest changes for wordy paragraphs and moving from passive to active voice. $5 per page (double spaced).
  • Heavy copy editing (primarily for fiction projects): Address proofreading and copyediting checkpoints as listed above. Also edit/critique for fiction elements: plot, characters, setting, conflict, dialogue, author tone or voice. Correct wordiness, jargon, and ambiguity. $6 per page (double spaced).

With this type of structure, you’re in control. Just tell me how extensive you want my comments to be and I work at that level.

Two common questions are: What if I have some pages at the end of chapters that only have 3 or 4 lines of text? Do you still charge a full page fee?

And my answer is: I do everything in my power to offer professional services at budget-conscious prices. A typical typed page meeting the formatting guidelines above will have approximately 250 words per page. Once you send your project for editing or proofreading, I run a full word count check in Word. I take that total and divide it by 250 for an approximate number of fully-typed pages. Then I multiply that number by the per-page fee for the service you’ve requested.

For example, let’s say a manuscript has 38,250 words. When you divide by 250, the answer is 153. I multiply 153 by the per-page cost of the service requested, and that’s the project cost ($459 for a basic proofread, $612 for light copyediting, etc.).

Bonus: Try before you buy! No matter how experienced an editor might be, no one is always the best choice for every writer. Once we talk about your project and want to try working together, I invite you to send me the prologue or first chapter (up to 10 pages, double spaced). I will edit your pages according to what you’ve requested and send them back for your review. If we want to continue working together, we’ll discuss deadlines and other specifics and go from there. If you don’t like my work or we decide to not work together for some reason, you don’t pay for the sample edit.


Interested in knowing more? I would love to talk with you about your project! Just contact me with “Editing quote” as the subject and I’ll contact you to learn more.

You can also see samples of some work I’ve done for other authors and businesses at my other website, On Time Editorial Services.