Book Review: The Discovery by Dan Walsh

Last week I posted a photo of some books from my to-read stack. Today I’m going to share my review of one of those books, The Discovery by Dan Walsh. I’ve read two of Walsh’s previous novels, The Unfinished Gift and The Homecoming. They were both set in the World War II era, so TheContinue reading “Book Review: The Discovery by Dan Walsh”

Review: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

I read a lot of books, but don’t always take the time to tell people about them. I’m hoping to change that this year by getting back in the habit of posting reviews of stories I really enjoy. Who knows? You might find a new author to check out. 🙂 I’m beginning my 2016 reviewsContinue reading “Review: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah”

New stories for the historical fiction lover in you

  New Year’s Day 2016 was wonderful. Partly because I got to sleep later, partly because I spent the whole day at home with my family, partly because my husband made the cornbread so I didn’t even have to cook. 🙂 And partly because I spent a large chunk of the day in my jammiesContinue reading “New stories for the historical fiction lover in you”

Review: One Year Alone With God

With Christmas only a few weeks away (!), many of us are starting to think about gifts and are making out those wonderful shopping lists. If you know somoene who enjoys devotional books that help them learn in bite-size pieces on busy days, then check out One Year Alone With God: 366 Devotions on theContinue reading “Review: One Year Alone With God”