Leigh DeLozierI’m Leigh DeLozier, and I have a confession to make.

I’m addicted to words. Big words, small words, in-between words — I love them all!

Actually, my addiction isn’t my fault. I’ve been a word girl all my life. My mom was a teacher, and heard about some new ways of teaching kids to read when I was really young. She decided to try it on me just to see what happened – and it worked. The result? I was reading everything in sight before I even went to preschool. I truly don’t remember learning how to read or what life was like before I knew how to string letters and words together.

Majoring in Journalism when I went to college and following that with jobs that focused on writing were natural steps for me. Now I take my love for words to the next level by helping other authors or small business owners with their own writing, editing, or marketing projects. Whatever you need done, we can work together and polish it to perfection!

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Until next time — may you find God’s beauty everywhere you go and learn to share it with others.

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